Type: Playground

Location: Porto, Portugal

Year: 2017

Status: Built

Sq M: 1500

Client: Casa da Arquitectura

Co-authors: COR arquitectos and Ivo Poças Martins

Collaborator: Veronica Rossi

Bairro das Campinas is one of the most socially problematic and complex areas in the city of Porto. Here the institution Casa da Arquitectura, has promoted and entrusted to three architectural studios the redevelopment of a green area between four residential buildings. The Bicho, Teatrinho e Fogo playground were built through a participatory construction workshop with twenty students from all over the world, together with the inhabitants of the neighborhood, and with the partnership of the Porto Academy summer school. The playgrounds proved to be a potent example of how architecture can still have a strong social value. The abstract, ironic and playful composition is based on three elements which are also the three primary colors. The blue Teatrinho, the red Fogo placed at the point where the fire of the São João festival is lit every year, and the yellow Bicho, a long element that untangles itself among the trees and at three different heights (seat, table, deckchair), were designed not to have a precise function but to be freely interpreted according to the imagination, memory and past of those who experience them in their everyday lives.