Type: Apartment

Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2018

Status: Under construction

Sq M: 90

Client: Private

Collaborator: Francesco Garbujo

In the heart of Milan, just a few steps from the underground stop Crocetta, there is this small apartment designed for an elderly couple. The redevelopment project is characterized by three new main spaces that revolutionize the previous plan. The first is the entrance “gallery” which, like a backbone, crosses the entire apartment. This elongated space welcomes and directs us to the other spaces of the house. It is bordered on one side by the existing wall and on the other by an “equipped wall” containing the wardrobes, a bathroom, a guest bed and the entry to the other spaces. The second area is the living. Conceived as a flexible space, it contains a dining space and a living room that can transform into a guest room, simply by pulling the orange curtain and extracting the bed from the “equipped wall”. The third and last space is that of the master bedroom, located in the most intimate and private part of the house. It is reachable only after going through the whole “gallery”. Finally, the passage between the served and serving spaces is emphasized by the passage of natural light which is stronger in the living area and in the master bedroom, and weaker in the “gallery”.