Type: Pavilion

Location: Botticino, Italy

Year: 2020

Status: Under construction

Sq M: 310

Client: Municipality of Botticino and Consorzio Produttori Marmo Botticino Classico

Collaborator: Francesco Garbujo

The town of Botticino, located in the province of Brescia, has lived for centuries of extraction, processing and trade of a precious and unique quality of marble. Here, close to a hill that rises in the middle of the quarries, we have been commissioned to design a multifunctional pavilion in which to organize meetings, presentations and exhibitions on the theme of Botticino’s Classic Marble. The Marble Venue can be reached through a path, defined by a containment wall made of marble blocks which follows the sinuous course of the final part of the hill. The path then expands into the main space of the pavilion, which is protected by a large rectangular roof, in corrugated sheet, supported on the one side by five megalithic marble blocks, and on the other by the dry marble wall that, close to the hill, defines two patios for outdoor exhibitions and presentations. The pavilion, while relating to the hill behind it, establishes a dialogue with the park posited in front of it, that acts as a “stage” for events for the general public. All the marble blocks that define the pavilion have been donated by the Botticino quarries as a symbolic act for the realization of a project that wants to represent the workers who everyday contribute to the extraction, processing and export of this excellence in the world.