Type: Studiolo

Location: Vicenza, Italy

Year: 2019

Status: Under construction

Sq M: 15

Client: Private

Object trouvé is a French term that indicates a found object, natural or man-made object, or fragment of an object, that is found (or sometimes bought) and kept because considered of a certain aesthetic value. In the studiolo in Vicenza, an old hand-painted cabinet, a piece of affection of the owners, turns into an opportunity, by generating the entire composition in the small room. A suspended “L” element, whose color comes from the shades of the decorations on the cabinet, embraces the Object trouvé placing it at the center of the scene. One side of the wooden “L” houses the desk while the other, closed by a nylon ripstop curtain, hides a long wardrobe and a pull-out bed, emphasizing the neutrality and continuity of the element in the space.