Type: Pavilion

Location: Argentiera, Italy

Year: 2019

Status: Under construction

Sq M: 80

Client: LandWorks +

Curator: Carlalberto Amadori

Structure: Stefano Franzoso and Alberto Zuliani

Collaborator: Francesco Garbujo

As part of the Mine Argentiera program, aimed at the redevelopment of the architectural heritage of the former mining site of Argentiera in Sardinia, Associates has been selected by directors LandWorks + and the curator Carlalberto Amadori for the project and design of the Room of Memory. The Room is a pavilion, a detachment of the MAR Museum, designated for exhibitions, permanent and temporary, and conferences on the theme of memory of the mining landscape. The intervention, partly built with ten young architects selected from all over Europe, is characterized by a large wooden coffered ceiling installed on one of the many mining ruins, which dot the abandoned landscape of the Argentiera. The ceiling and the ruin enter in relation, they touch lightly without ever really touching, to reunite the three spaces below; two of which dedicated to permanent exhibitions and one to temporary exhibitions, activities and conferences. The Room of Memory is the first step taken to cover an abandoned and disused space and make it habitable. The roof, whilst protecting the ruin, is also a walking platform for the observation of the surrounding landscape.