Type: Monument

Location: Piran, Slovenia

Year: 2020

Status: Competition

Sq M: 900

Client: Secovlje Salina Nature Park

Collaborators: Veronica Rossi and Janja Šušnjar

In the south of Piran, in Slovenia, lies the Secovlje Salina Nature Park; a large natural park, now in a state of decay and neglect, dotted with numerous ruined structures once used to collect salt. The competition, sponsored by a local architecture magazine, included the construction of a salt memorial located inside one of these ruins. The proposal consists in the realization of a memorial-path in which the reminiscence of the salt pans is manifested by walking and experiencing the landscape through three elements and the spatial relationships that they create. The three elements are composed by an access threshold, that becomes the starting point that welcomes the visitor; a long wall built on an pre-existing linear track that directs people, and the House of Memory, an abstract, hermetic element that is grafted into the ruin and completes it by evoking the archetypal form of the house. Inside the house, accessible only by turning around the structure, a great mountain of salt, trapped within the walls of memory, evokes the past.