Type: Installation

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Year: 2019

Status: Built

Sq M: 20

Local office: Francesco Carraro

Installation part of the 12th São Paulo Architecture Biennial

The installation Spontaneous Landscape was presented on the occasion of the 12th Biennial of Architecture in São Paulo (September 13th – December 8th, 2019). It was born out of the desire to re-create an imaginary landscape, consisting of small spontaneous agricultural architectures, scattered in the countryside, in places that we live and work daily. Over the years we have developed a large archive containing more than a hundred of these little architectures. Each one has been photographed, redrawn and catalogued according to its geographical coordinates. Thirty of these have been selected to represent an exhaustive abacus of typological variations. Subsequently, through a process of abstraction, the monochromatic models of these thirty architectures were placed on a brass pedestal to elevate them and make them visible, since they are often ignored in our everyday lives. In the walls of the CCSP of São Paulo the thirty little architectures were ordered to simulate an orchestra, directed by the visitor who, standing in from the brass lectern, as an "orchestra conductor", would browse the book containing all the images and drawings of each house.