Type: Scenography

Location: Gussago, Italy

Year: 2018

Status: Built

Sq M: 500

Client: Palazzo Caprioli

Performers: Mariachiara Febbrari, 

Marie Mangin, Martín Piliponsky and Diana Ringel 

Costumes: Penelope Brescia, Michele Venturini

On the occasion of Harmònia, the opening event of the cultural center Palazzo Caprioli, Associates designed the scenography Stones Room for the performance of the artists Martín Piliponsky, Diana Ringel and Marie Mangin accompanied by Mariachiara Febbrari's music. The scenography was created with megalithic elements of Botticino’s marble arranged in the garden of the building, that functioned, according to a primitive and essential condition of being, as links between body, space and matter. In Martín Piliponsky's performance, the naked body rediscovers through the senses the importance of the physical relationship, dialogue and proportion with the elements and the natural space; while in the performance of Diana Ringel and Marie Mangin, based on Margherita Baratti’s philosophical project, the opposites, founding and generative elements of being, constantly dialogue, attracting and rejecting each other to find balance and harmony.