Type: House

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Year: 2017

Status: Under construction

Sq M: 240

Client: Private

Local Office: Luis Camarena

Furnitures Design: Ohla Studio

Structure: Roberto Navarrete

Collaborators: Francesco Garbujo and Veronica Rossi

The context of the project is the informal area of the historic center of San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico. The site, trapezoidal in shape and accessible only by a small uphill pedestrian road, had a slightly demolished local stone base. The first operation was to preserve the base and place infrastructures at the service of the house inside. The Three Patios House dives in the existing base like an airtight body, an introverted inhabited enclosure that hides inside the three microcosms (Three Patios) of the living area and of the sleeping areas, protected within the context of the Mexican cities. The terrace, the last level of the house, opens a relationship to the urban city and the external context. The house, conceived for a couple of young Italian-American designers, has been thought for the double use of domestic environment and as a potential exhibition space of their products.