Type: Pavilion

Location: Brescia, Italy

Year: 2018

Status: Built

Sq M: 2000

Client: Municipality of Brescia

Curator: Francesco Temporin

The Temporary Illustration Museum displays the works of forty illustrators selected, from all over Italy, by the curator Francesco Temporin. The Temporary Museum, open 24 hours a day, has been designed as a system capable of appearing in a place and, for a certain period of time, trigger social and cultural relationships, that may permanently change the spirit of the place itself. A long wall, conceived both as a theatrical stage and threshold element, presents the museum in the square and welcomes spectators towards its small entrance, marked by an arched opening and a red curtain. On the back, the wall immediately reveals its nature of ephemeral scenography and the structure becomes an opportunity to display museum information and contain the book-shop. When crossing the threshold, the visitor finds itselves in front of a large scenic exhibition machine, which crosses the entire square like a backbone, exhibiting the four works, that suspended are configured as silent actors of this ephemeral scene, and destined to disappear leaving only a mark of their passage.